SMS Backup & Restore is a well-known app in these parts, especially among those of us that have to (or choose to) swap devices frequently. Just last year, the app was picked up by Carbonite, and with the purchase came a nice visual overhaul. But now it appears that Carbonite had decided to hand the app off of SyncTech, an Australian company. 

For the unfamiliar, SMS Backup & Restore is true to its name, giving you the ability to both back up and restore SMS, MMS, and your call log. If you're moving between phones, it's a simple solution and, in my experience as a customer, it works well.

Interestingly, Carbonite still lists SMS Backup & Restore as a product on its site. The announcement of the sale did only just happen, though, and with the holiday weekend, it might be another few days until the transition is completed.

An update to the app on the Play Store seems to have accompanied the purchase, in which the new developers announced plans to integrate opt-out advertisements. The changelog for that update is just below:


SyncTech Pty Ltd has taken over the development and maintenance of SMS Backup & Restore. Please send any enquiries to [email protected] or visit

- Updated contact/support details

- Preparations for displaying banner ads (with an opt-out option).

So far there's no news about what sort of plans SyncTech might have for the app outside the added advertisements. Having them be optional is a nice touch, though, and is probably an indicator that they're not going to run a good app into the ground.

SMS Backup & Restore
SMS Backup & Restore
Developer: SyncTech Pty Ltd
Price: Free