HBO NOW has been the top grossing entertainment app on Google Play for a little while now, but the app just reached another significant milestone. It's ringing in the new year by the numbers, having just hit 10,000,000 installs on the Play Store. That's a lot of downloads, with some big implications for the number of subscribers the service has, though it's impossible to know for sure. 

HBO does actually report numbers for NOW subscribers occasionally, and in early 2017 the company announced that it had around 2 million, up about a million since March of 2016. So either growth has picked up considerably in the last year (which is possible), or not everyone that downloaded the app subscribes to the service. Either way, though, a lot of people are using it.

Doesn't look like anything to me.

As a cord cutter, I hope that more networks follow HBO's lead and move into providing content via à la carte streaming services. Perhaps the success of services like HBO NOW and CBS can convince other age-appropriate providers (Adult Swim, please) to move into the space.

Interested parties can check out HBO NOW for themselves at Google Play and APK Mirror, or via the widget just below.