Of all the streaming music services, I find YouTube Music the most puzzling. This is undoubtedly because I am not a millennial, and by that I mean I am old and irrelevant. YouTube Music clearly doesn't need me to understand its appeal, because its Android app just passed the 50,000,000 installs threshold on the Play Store.

The app and the YouTube Music service are free, just like YouTube itself, but a subscription to YouTube Red/Google Play Music will unlock the premium features that make the service truly shine for its core audience, such as ad-free content, continuous audio when the app is in the background, and offline playing.

YouTube Music is aimed squarely at the generation of listeners who have come of age discovering and consuming music through YouTube, a concept that is almost entirely alien to me, but is as common today as listening to a radio station was twenty years ago. And if there's any doubt as to what age group Google is trying to appeal to here, the website's marketing copy brings some real talk, sympathetically stating, "Losing your connection sucks."

Yeah, fellow kids, it really does.

In July, Billboard reported that there were about 7 million paid subscribers to the combined services of YouTube Red and Google Play Music, so the vast majority of YouTube Music's users are using the free version of the service.

Of course, the Play Store is not the only way to get YouTube Music, as you can always snag it from our own APK Mirror.

Do you use YouTube Music on a regular basis? Maybe I should get into it. I mean, 50,000,000 millennials can't be wrong...can they?

YouTube Music
YouTube Music
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