I'm not into music videos so I have no idea whether all of Katy Perry's videos are as weird as this one or if this is the exception. And I'm not about to go watch a bunch of her videos to find out either. But truth be told, part of me liked "Hey Hey Hey" both for the lyrics and the video's setup. It reminded me of when I was touringthe Palace of Versailles and the guide explained how people used to gather around to watch the king wake up and how he had to make a show out of it even if he technically slept in another room.

But we're not here for the trivia history lesson, we're here for the tech. So in the midst of all of Katy's extravagant morning routine, she gets a video call from the disturbingly dirty Prince Piggy. A Duo video call, though only geeks like us would probably recognize the interface. Duo makes another plot appearance during her date with Prince Piggy (around 1:40 in the video) when Katy picks up her phone, clearly launches Duo, and video calls the more sensible Lord Markus. I'll leave you with the music video to, errrrr, enjoy this clearly forced and somewhat peculiar product placement. If you're not big into guillotines and what ensues from them, you might want to pause after the date scene: there's no more Duo time after that.

And yes, this is an iPhone screenshot/video of Duo photoshopped very sensibly by someone who knows nothing about technology on an Android phone. If you're looking for accurate tech marketing in a music video, you're definitely going to be disappointed. Hey Hey Hey, it is what it is.

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  • Mathew Hanley