Verizon surprised everyone when the company announced its Wear24 smartwatch the same day as Google unveiled the LG Watch Sport and Style. The watch was discontinued just four months later, probably because not very many people want a $350 smartwatch. Now you can get it for just $74.97, a $275 savings over the original price.

The Wear24 was manufactured by Quanta Computers, and includes a Snapdragon 2100 CPU, 1.39" 480x480 OLED screen, 4GB of storage, and 450mAh battery. It has Android Wear 2.0, and of course can connect to Verizon's LTE network. The watch can also be submerged in three feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

Of course, there are a few reasons why this watch is so cheap (compared to other smartwatches, that is). Google confirmed it will not get Oreo, but most of Android Wear's functionality is updated through the Play Store, so you won't be missing out on much. It's also a pretty large watch (you can see some better pictures here), there's no Android Pay, and it's not particularly good-looking.

Still, if you want a cheap Android Wear smartwatch, this is one of your only options. You can buy it from the source link below.