The age of streaming music services is upon us, but not everyone has moved to the cloud for their listening needs. Those who still rely on local music files might be interested to know that Shuttle Music Player just got a big, big update. In the v2.0 release, the developer has added a new theme engine, a myriad UI changes, album shuffle, and much more.

Here's the full changelog for Shuttle v2.0.

  • Show changelog on launch-
  • Dynamic themes!-
  • Added album-shuffle (thanks Will Coughlin)-
  • Added a display option to show remaining time (thanks lastbulletbender)-
  • Added multi-select to artist/album/playlist/genre detail screens & search screen-
  • Added 'share' option to now playing screen menu items-
  • Added 'go to genre' option to now playing screen-
  • Added more playlist menu options to playlist detail screen-
  • Shuffle now turns off when a new list of songs is added to the queue. This can be disabled in playback settings-
  • Remember playlist sorting per-playlist-
UI changes:
  • Major theming overhaul. More stuff is themed correctly now-
  • App theme now matches the current artwork. This can be set to only occur on the 'now playing' screen, or turned off in settings-
  • Redesigned artist/album/genre/playlist 'detail' screen.-
  • Toolbar now collapses when scrolling-
  • 'Up Next' now slides up from now-playing-
  • Artwork is now full-bleed to the top of the screen-
  • Overhauled landscape mode-
  • Album count shown for artists-
  • Song count shown for albums-
  • Settings has had a facelift-
  • Moved Equaliser & Sleep Timer to Navigation Drawer-
  • Sleep timer now displays time remaining in drawer when active-
  • Lyrics are now displayed in their own popup, instead of on top of the artwork-
  • Close Voice Search screen if no results are found-
Code improvements:
  • Major redesign of many aspects of the codebase-
  • Overhauled theming engine-
  • Migrated to RxJava 2-
  • Removed lots of old, unused resources - smaller app size, easier to maintain-
  • Reduce the number of SQL queries being performed, particularly during launch-
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where 'play next' created a duplicate when used from now-playing queue-
  • Fixed an issue where playback didn't stop when disconnecting from bluetooth-
  • Fixed various tag editing issues-
  • Work around a Last.FM issue to ensure artwork is high quality-
  • Fixed crash when using gmail style placeholders-
  • Fixed an issue where playing a song from a folder didn't enqueue the surrounding songs-
  • Fixed some memory leaks (thanks Khang)-
  • Lots and lots of other crash fixes-

That's a big changelog. The app's entire look and feel is more refined now, which is probably what you'll notice first. The theme updates to match the album art (and it downloads that automatically). You can shut the automatic theming off if you want, but I don't know why you would. It sounds cool.

This update also includes a ton of requested features like album shuffle. Instead of shuffling songs, that feature plays a random album all the way through and then moves on to the next one.

Shuttle is completely free in the Play Store (we also have it on APK Mirror). There's a Shuttle+ variant on the Play Store as well that includes Chromecast, tag editing, and a few other features. That one is on sale for $0.99 (50% off).

Shuttle Music Player
Shuttle Music Player
Developer: SimpleCity
Price: Free+

Shuttle+ Music Player
Shuttle+ Music Player
Developer: SimpleCity
Price: Free