CyanogenMod was the most popular custom ROM for years, with many other major ROMs being based on CM. However, the project came to an abrupt end last year, when Cyanogen Inc shut down (it reorganized into an autonomous tech company earlier this year). Most of the CyanogenMod community, which never received much support from Cyanogen Inc in the first place, reorganized under the 'Lineage' name.

Yesterday (December 24) marks exactly one year since the formation of Lineage. The project published a blog post announcing its birthday, with some interesting statistics thrown in. Lineage now supports over 180 devices, with 1.7 million unique device check-ins over the past 90 days. Over 700 people have contributed to the project, with 65% of those being translators.

The top five devices are the OnePlus One, Samsung Galaxy S3, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, Motorola Moto G4/G4 Plus (they use the same builds), and the Samsung Galaxy S5. The top five countries using LineageOS are India, China, Brazil, Russia, and Germany.

I have to congratulate the Lineage project for not only continuing the efforts of CyanogenMod, but also continuing to add support for more and more devices. Here's hoping the next year is even better.