Subscribers to TuneIn Premium will not be psyched to learn that the streaming audio service is dropping out of the audiobook market effective January 15th. TuneIn started offering unlimited audiobook streaming for Premium subscribers in August 2015, making this feature decently short-lived.

TuneIn Premium subscriptions are currently being offered for 40% off as part of Google Play's holiday deals, though there is no proactive notification that audiobooks are being removed next month. To add to the confusion, TuneIn has not removed audiobooks from the app description from TuneIn Radio Pro, though it appears to be removed from the basic app. Subscribers are presented with a message about the discontinuation of audiobooks when they attempt to play one.

TuneIn provided this statement about the discontinuation:

As we continue to strive to provide the world’s best listening experience, we are continuously working to improve the types and quality of content we offer. As of January 15th, 2018, we will no longer be offering audiobooks as part of our premium package. We hope you will come to enjoy our other premium content like 24/7 live streaming and commercial-free news with MSNBC, plus all the music channels and live sporting events throughout the holidays.

Users looking for a subscription audiobook service would be well-served with Kindle Unlimited, though sadly that service does not offer "Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out" by Dr. Timothy Leary.

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  • Stephen Blake