I love my Huawei Watch because it can vibrate and notify me silently of new messages and calls without disturbing everyone around me like my phone does, but recently I've stopped using it for anything else because of the lag. One out of every 3 or 4 taps or swipes seems to stutter and take forever. And I often find it faster and easier to take out my phone and do things than wait for Android Wear's whims to execute a command.

But it looks like the fix is a simple toggle. As discovered by redditor Yozakgg, disabling "Ok Google" detection under Settings -> Personalization on your watch will remove a lot of stutters and lag. He found it out by running adb shell top and seeing that the Google app was completely hogging resources on his Huawei Watch 2 then trying to disable several Google services until he noticed an improvement.

Several people chimed in and agreed that this toggle is magical on other Wear watches too like the original Huawei Watch, LG Watch Sport, Fossil Q Explorist, Asus Zenwatch 3, and more. I tried it out on my first-gen Huawei Watch and you can see the difference in the video below.

I start out with Ok Google detection enabled and almost every time I drop down the toggles menu or bring up the notifications, it stutters and hangs midway then continues. Other interactions are fine in this video (they usually stutter as well from time to time), but these two are consistently crappy. Then I toggle off Ok Google detection, and lo-and-behold, everything is smooth. Swipes from the top and bottom cause the screens to drop and rise without a single pause or stutter. Then for the sake of confirmation, I repeat this again by turning on Ok Google detection (horrible stutters) then turning it off (yay speed!). It's uncanny how different the experience is.

If you're worried about losing Ok Google detection to speak to your watch, remember that pressing and holding the button will bring up the Assistant, so there's no significant loss unless you really rely on voice commands one-handed. To be honest, Ok Google detection wasn't even working for me anymore and even when I manage to invoke it, the Assistant is agonizingly slow on my Huawei Watch (Google Search was faster before the Assistant rolled out), so it's a very easy decision for me to keep the toggle turned off.

Let us know if you try this and if it solves any lags or stutters you've been seeing on your Android Wear watch.