HMD Global was founded just over a year ago, and in that short time, it has used the Nokia brand to sell a wide variety of phones. The company's lineup ranges from the high-end Nokia 8 to feature phones like the new Nokia 3310. Counterpoint Research, an analyst firm, estimates that HMD sold 13.5 million feature phones and 2.8 million smartphones during Q3 2017.

The growth places HMD at the #3 feature phone manufacturer worldwide, and #16 for worldwide smartphone sales. By comparison, HMD only sold 1.5 million smartphones in the first half of 2017, according to analyst firm IDC. The massive spike in sales can likely be attributed to additional models coming out (like the Nokia 2 and 8), as well as a continually-expanding presence worldwide.

HMD has not offered any official sales numbers since it was founded, so these estimates are all we have to go by. Other analysts report Q3 sales as high as 3.4 million.