After the holidays are over, we're bound to see the deals swarm us once again. For now, though, you can take a breather and enjoy a few goodies. Newegg has the second-gen Amazon Echo for $79.99, a nice $20 off the MSRP. While this sale is not unheard of, the retailer is also offering an additional $10 gift card with your order, gratis. That's pretty good, all things considered.

The Echo needs no introduction. One of the two key leaders in the smart speaker/personal assistant market, Amazon's entrant offers a slew of compatible apps and services in an all new, slimmer design than the original. Alexa, the actual personal assistant, continues to improve in accuracy, voice realism, and knowledge. If you're keen on Amazon's ecosystem, then the Echo might be for you.

Amazon itself is running the $79.99 deal, but I'd recommend the Newegg route for that extra $10 gift card. There are free shipping options available, too. Head over to the source link below to get started.