If you are someone who would pay 20 bucks a month for lossless streaming audio, you would probably like the option to play those high-bitrate tunes through the receiver connected to the biggest screen in your house. It's only fair. Rejoice, audiophiles and audiophile wannabes (like me), because streaming service Tidal has released an Android TV version of its app. 

Tidal also leans heavily on providing high-resolution music videos as well as audio, and boasts in its Play Store listing that users can now "stream exclusive music videos and concerts in stunning HD." Sounds nice, so it's a little surprising, given the emphasis on video, that the TV app is only appearing now. (Apple TV users also just got their Tidal app as well.)

But better late than never, and hopefully subscribers will now feel they're getting a little more bang for each of their 20 bucks.

Of course, you'll be glad to know that you can also grab the app from our most excellent digital repository, APK Mirror. We promise the download will be lossless.