When one door closes, another opens. For Amazon, this couldn't be anymore true. With Google pulling its YouTube app from the Fire TV and Echo Show, Amazon users were left with few options to watch their favorite channels and discover new videos. Now that's changing with the release of Firefox on Fire TV.

The browser is available for 2nd gen and newer Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks, and although it's aimed at US customers, it's accessible to everyone. It's not the full-fledged Firefox experience, though, so don't expect a home page, bookmark sync, extensions, or any of those fancy features you use on the desktop. After all, the TV interface and the use case are more limited, though bookmarks would be nice. The good news is that the browser seems well optimized for the TV with big icons and easy navigation with the Fire TV remote. Oh and it plays YouTube. Three of the three screenshots uploaded show YouTube running in Firefox... hmph, I wonder why.

As always, Firefox is free on the Fire TV and you can grab it from this Amazon link or by searching the app store on your device. Reviews seem to indicate that it doesn't handle pop-ups well, so keep that in mind.