It's that time of year when kids are out of school, it's really freaking cold outside (at least where I am it is), and friends and family find themselves all stuck together for long and often awkward periods of time. What better way to pass that time than with some cinematic or televised entertainment? Well lucky you, because Google Play is giving you one rental of any eligible movie for just $0.99 as well as offering three TV episodes to purchase, also for $0.99.

This promo is just for those in the US, so if you're elsewhere, you're out of luck. Just click these links to redeem your movie rental and here for your TV episode purchases. Google says that not all accounts are eligible (my AP account was not, but my personal account was—go figure), but no indication of what makes an account eligible or not.

Eligible movies for rent include a lot of the big new releases, such as:

Plus there are plenty of holiday standards:

You need to claim these deals by January 2, and they need to be redeemed by January 14. We have heard that some folks are getting different dates than this, so just be sure to read Google's fine print when you snag the deal.