Hey, I'm James Sanders. I started writing for Android Police in late October, though I've been writing about technology since 2013. I'm also (apparently) the first writer at Android Police who lives in Japan.

Compared to all of the other writers at Android Police, I'm a relatively recent convert to Android. My first smartphone was a Palm Pre Plus. I actually bought an HP TouchPad on August 6th, 2011, 12 days before it was discontinued and dumped at cost, with webOS as a whole being unceremoniously killed. At the time, I was working as the webOS programming lead for a games startup, though that died almost as abruptly as webOS itself did. I held out on webOS quite a lot longer, swapping out for a discounted Pre 2.

I bought my first Android device as an exchange student in Japan. It was actually a tablet—the Fujitsu Arrows F-02F. Despite being from 2014, it is still probably the best Android tablet you can't buy. It had LTE, 64 GB of storage, and a 2560x1600 (16:10) display. While that is commonplace now, the F-02F had a TV tuner, and could record over-the-air broadcasts in Full HD to a microSD card. All of this is made possible by the ISDB broadcast standard used in Japan.

After moving back to the United States to finish university, I switched to a first-generation Verizon Developer Moto X, and promptly flashed Cyanogenmod. I bought a Pixel C tablet during the developer sale, and switched to a Nexus 5X when I moved back to Japan in July 2016. My 5X lasted only 15 months, as it finally bootlooped in October. My new daily driver is a Sony Xperia XZ1, making me also the only Android Police writer to currently use an Xperia as their primary phone. I've also got a Nexus Player for my TV, and a second-generation Xiaomi Mi Fit.

With that prerequisite device history out of the way, I can write about more interesting things. I'm an avid music listener, and most of what I do here is hide music references in articles. My music tastes vary wildly, though recently I'm often listening to Röyksopp, Towa Tei, Infernal, Valshe, and tofubeats. Rather than use streaming services, I copy my 100+ GB FLAC library to a microSD card, and enjoy it all using 3.5mm wired headphones. (Just try doing that on a Pixel.)

All that said, I'm hoping to write more insightful articles about security for Android Police, as well as first-hand information about neat Android-related technology from Japan. Given the time zone differences, I'm also helping Rita and Scott with the overnight news roundups for you to enjoy with your morning coffee.