If you like seeing lots of pictures of food, puppies, nature, and more on a daily basis, chances are that you know what Instagram is. And since you're reading a tech site, chances are that you're eager to try the latest and greatest features before anyone else. Well, we have good news for you: Instagram has opened an alpha program for its Android app, and here's how to enroll.

This information comes courtesy of a post on reddit's r/Android subreddit by an Instagram employee who was looking for participants in this alpha program. A mod verified that the poster does indeed work for Instagram. The post has since been deleted, likely because Instagram now has a sufficient amount of testers. However, the Google Groups link still works, meaning that you can still enroll if you'd like.

To get in on the fun, simply hit this link, enter your email, and join the group. After that, you'll have to join the Instagram testing program on the Play Store, which takes just a click of a button. Keep in mind that this is an alpha, meaning that while you may get features before anyone else, you're also introducing yourself to more frequent updates and potential bugs. If you get tired of those bugs, you can always revert to the stable track via the same Play Store link.