I always have fun seeing which services are being added to IFTTT: it leads me to discover new products I'd never heard about, it makes me imagine scenarios for automations that I wouldn't have considered previously, and it reminds me of how much of our lives nowadays can be relegated to a server somewhere.

Over the past couple of weeks, 9 new channels have been added to IFTTT. I'd only heard of Hive before, but you may find something here that you've been anxiously waiting for and that's super popular in your environment. Here they are:

  • SafeTrek, an app and service that can dispatch help (police, ambulance, fire truck) in an emergency
  • Guardzilla, a security camera company with several models including a 360-deg HD indoor cam
  • Hive Active Plug, a WiFi-connected smart plug
  • iDrate, a smart garden watering controller
  • Orion, the makers of Onyx, a connected walkie-talkie for teams
  • data.world, "an online platform designed for data and the people who work with data"... if that helps explain things
  • eWeLink, a Chinese-based platform for connecting smart home devices including HomeKit, Alexa, Google Home, and more
  • Luxafor, a workplace notification light that can be used to signal whether you're available or busy to your teammates
  • tracMO, a Bluetooth 5 tracker for protecting your valuables with an integrated button and motion sensor.

If you'd like to use any of these with IFTTT's hundreds of services, check their channels linked above to get started.