Everyone has a camera in their pocket now, and they all have places to post those photos on the internet. If you're a little sensitive about how often you show up in pics on the internet, Facebook has a new privacy tool that may interest you. Using facial recognition technology, Facebook can alert you to any photos in which you're visible regardless of whether or not you've been tagged.

Soon, the Facebook app will have an opt-in toggle for the facial recognition alert. When enabled, notifications appear in your account when Facebook thinks it spotted you in a photo. You can view it to confirm and tag yourself, ignore it, report it, or message the poster to have words about the photo. Facebook still respects the privacy settings of people posting photos, so you won't get a notification for photos when you're not in the audience.

Alongside the photo alerts, Facebook is using the same facial recognition tech for profile photo safety. In the near future, you'll get a ping if someone uses a photo of you as their profile photo. Since profile photos are public, you should always get a notification about this. The new facial recognition features will be available in your settings soon, but not in Canada or the EU where Facebook does not offer facial recognition.