Active noise cancelling headphones are awesome for work, travel, commutes, and zoning out when you're exercising or simply sitting at home and trying to relax. If you don't want to shell out a lot for the wireless kind or you don't like audio over Bluetooth, you can grab a pair of Bose's older wired ANC headphones for their lowest price ever: the Quiet Comfort 25 for Android devices are down to $169 on Amazon now.

These use an AAA battery for noise cancellation and pump your audio over a wired cable, which is compatible with Android in this version. That means the playback controls, volume buttons and mic should work without an issue on Android phones. (The version with the Apple cable is cheaper at $159.99 but you'll have to pay about $10 on a good day to get the Android cable, which brings it up to the same price.)

The QC25 are loved for their comfortable wear, compact size and travel-friendly case, and their above average noise cancellation. The sound profile is balanced (no emphasis on bass), so keep that in mind if your preference skews that way. You can always use an equalizer though.

In the 2+ years that they've been sold, the QC25 stayed steady at their $299 MSRP for a long, long time. Only recently did they start free-falling, but they sometimes come back up to around $200. The current price of $169 is their lowest ever so if you're a gambling person, you'd wait and see if they'd fall even more, but if you want them before Christmas as a gift or for travel, I doubt you'll regret the decision. You can grab them at the link below.