Did you forget to buy a gift for that one relative's kid? Think, think again. Did you gamble on a different toy that may never get delivered in time for Christmas or did you purchase another gift only to realize that it isn't exactly what it said it would be or what the child wanted? Or maybe did you forget to gift yourself something fun for the holidays? There's still time to save Christmas and save some bucks in one go.

Three of Anki's products are discounted on Amazon by $50 to $55, practically making them a third-off compared to the MSRP. Not bad. The deals are on the connected car racing Anki Overdrive Starter Kit and the Anki Overdrive Fast & Furious Edition (check our review) as well as the programmable Cozmo robot (we reviewed the Collector's Edition, but the functionality is similar). Here are the links and discounts:

The prices are either the lowest ever historically, or only a few bucks more than the lowest price ever, so these are still great discounts even if they're for the last-minute shopper. Shipping is free on Amazon, but if you want them before Christmas, you may have to opt for a paid faster shipping method.