You've probably played multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games on Android—there are some popular ones like Vainglory and Mobile Legends. However, the most popular one in the world is only now launching in North America. You can hit the Play Store right now and get Arena of Valor, but you might be more familiar with its names in other markets like Kings of Glory and Strike of Kings.

The gameplay is fairly typical of MOBAs. It's a 5v5 match wherein you must destroy the enemy team's towers to attack the base. This game has all the MOBA things like minions, heroes, an icon with a screaming guy, and in-app purchases. It's a port of the original Chinese Kings of Glory but with more "Western" characters. There are even officially licensed DC heroes and villains. Batman seems really out of place here, but oh well.

This version of the game has launched in a few regions already, so there are over a million downloads listed in the store. That's nothing, though. The Chinese version has more than 200 million active players. Developer Tencent has been raking in the dough from this game, and it's not hard to see why with in-app purchases going as high as $100. This seems dangerous. Enter at your own risk.