Nokia hasn't been a player in smartphones for years, but it's back with the help of manufacturer HMD. There have been various Android-powered Nokia phones this year, and the latest is the mid-range Nokia 5. The Nokia phones of old have a reputation for being durable, but what about this new one? The JerryRigEverything YouTube channel seeks to find out. Spoiler: things went pretty well for the Nokia 5.

The scratch and burn test go about like you'd expect. It's a Gorilla Glass phone, so the screen scratches at a level 6. Don't carry diamonds or sand in your pocket, and you should be fine. The lighter only temporarily injures the LCD panel as well.

The phone is mostly aluminum, except for the top and bottom plastic caps. Even the buttons are metal. The camera is under glass, unlike the cheaper Nokia 3. As for the bend test, The Nokia 5 maintains its shape very well. Most phones flex a bit, and some actually fold in half. The Nokia 5 doesn't have any give when bent in either direction. It's quite impressive for a cheap phone.