Amazon has so many Echo things now that it can be hard to keep track. There's the Echo Show, Plus, Spot, Dot, and Squiggle. Okay, I made that last one up, but you never know what Amazon is going to do next. Today, it's releasing the previously announced Echo Connect, which links your home phone to Alexa devices. You can order yours today for $34.99.

The Echo Connect plugs into a standard phone line, but it's not actually Alexa-enabled. Instead, it serves as the bridge between your home phone and Alexa devices. After syncing your contacts with the Alexa app, you can make and answer phone calls via the Echo, Echo Show, and all the other Alexa things. Unlike the VoIP-only calling features of Alexa, these are all calls to and from your home phone number. You will, of course, need a home phone line.

An Echo Connect costs $35—tack on another $30 for an Echo Dot if you don't already have a compatible device. So, that's $65 for a smart speaker phone setup for your home. If you don't have home phone service, Amazon has a $89.99 bundle with the Ooma Telo home VoIP hub. The Connect comes with free Prime shipping and it arrives before Christmas.