When it went on sale in late September, Levi's Commuter Trucker Jacket was the first piece of clothing to integrate Google's Project Jacquard touch-gesture functionality. At $350 a pop, it's not a surprise that the Jacquard by Google app (which is used to customize and control the jacket) shows just 100-500 installs. That means a few hundred people will be delighted to learn that the app just got its first major update, which lets wearers of the Jacquard-woven jacket use gestures that enable new light modes for the tag on the sleeve, as well as find their phone.

The new Jacquard abilities are called "Illuminate" and "Find Your Phone." The "Illuminate" ability let wearers assign a custom gesture to enable one of three light modes:

  • Shine, which turns the tag on the jacket's sleeve into a flashlight
  • Blink, which turns the tag into a blinking light to make you more visible to drivers and others when you're outside in the dark
  • Strobe, which turns the tag into a "multicolored party light" (Google's words)

When you use a gesture assigned to enable the new "Find Your Phone" ability, your phone will ring for up to 30 seconds at maximum volume, even if it's on silent.

Other Jacquard abilities include navigation help, call and text management, and music and audio control. In addition to the two new features, Google updated the "What's Playing on Android" music-listening feature to work with all music services supporting Jacquard.

Here's the full changelog:


Your jacket can now do more!

Introducing two new abilities:

  • Illuminate - Blink, shine or celebrate with the light on your Jacquard snap tag.
  • Find Your Phone - Misplaced your phone? Make your phone ring so you can locate it.

We’ve updated What’s Playing on Android to work with all Jacquard supported music services.

Cleaned house for the holidays, and swept out a few bugs.

If you've got a Levi's Commuter Trucker Jacket and want to take these new abilities for a spin, go put it on and update the Jacquard app in the Play Store now — and let us know if that strobe light makes you the life of your next holiday party.

Jacquard™ by Google
Jacquard™ by Google
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