The lifecycle of device modification usually goes a little like this: a phone gets released with an unlockable bootloader -> that phone's kernel source gets released -> the same phone then gets increased developer attention resulting in custom kernels and ROMs. Today the Razer Phone has hit that intermediate milestone, and the source code for its kernel has been released to the public as per the terms of the GPL.

For most of us this probably isn't a big deal, but if you're an enthusiast that gets excited about rooting and ROMing their devices and you happened to pick up a Razer Phone, this is excellent news. And even outside the probable increase in developer attention, it's also possible we'll see something of the technical magic behind the 120hz display at work inside the kernel.

Downloads to the source for four separate builds have been provided by Razer (they're all the way at the bottom of the Razer Phone support page).

It's always a good day when you see companies like Razer honoring the GPL. Now let's see some official support for major ROMs.