SoundCloud announced today that it's given the home screen of its Android app a fresh lick of paint. Until now, the app would open with a stream of the latest releases from the artists and labels you follow. That content is still there, in a new tab highlighted by a lightning bolt, but the home screen has a few new goodies to keep you interested.

The new home experience is headlined by personalized playlists such as 'More of what you like' and 'Artists you should know,' which are automatically created based on your listening history. Below those you'll find a new 'Featured' section, bringing you playlists exploring what's hot in two key music scenes right now. 'Hip Hop Supreme' for rap tracks and DJ set playlist 'In the Mix' will be added to on a weekly basis to keep you up to date.


Left and center: new personalized and featured playlists.  Right: Your stream is now in a new 5th tab.

Recently added discovery tool 'The Upload' will also feature prominently on the home screen, serving up a playlist of new music according to your taste. US users will be able to check out the latest album launches with the 'Fresh Pressed' list, and there is also a location-specific top 50 chart available to everyone. Last but not least, Next Wave (Berlin, pictured above) and Playback will look at emerging artists while focussing on popular genres in certain parts of the world.

I've gone back through the last few versions of the SoundCloud app, and the new homescreen is present on them all. That suggests a server-side switch is responsible for these changes, so you shouldn't need to update the app to get the new experience. That said, a new version was released on the Play Store and uploaded to APKMirror a few days ago, so it can't hurt to grab it if you haven't already. If you haven't got it yet, don't panic as it will take time to roll it out across the globe.

Press Release

Introducing the new SoundCloud home experience

Today, SoundCloud is launching a brand new home experience that makes it easier than ever to discover the latest content from our incredible community of creators.

With over 170 million tracks, there’s always something new to stream, share, or get stuck in your head on SoundCloud. For listeners who want to discover music first, the new SoundCloud home serves up curated recommendations, personalized playlists, and exclusive culture-focused audio content—direct from creators and often years ahead of what’s on the mainstream charts.

With a fresh look, and a new way of delivering what’s now and next in music to your fingertips, the SoundCloud home experience includes:

New Featured Playlists.

-We’re celebrating two of SoundCloud’s most prolific creator communities with Hip Hop Supreme, a playlist of the hottest rap tracks, and In the Mix, a playlist that explores the varied and vibrant world of DJ mixes, updated weekly to keep you tuned in to the artists and tracks making waves in the scene.

Personalized playlists based on your listening behavior. 

-Now appearing on the home screen, The Upload, the fan favorite launched earlier this year, is a regularly updated playlist of new music catered to just what you like.

-Never skip a track again — More of what you like finds your musical soulmates in the SoundCloud community and spotlights the tracks you’ll love.

-Want to discover new artists based on the artists you already love? We’ve got you covered with Artists you should know. 

Music that reflects what’s happening now in culture.

-Stay plugged-in to the tracks gaining traction and generating buzz with the New & Hot charts.

-Keep track of the platform’s latest album releases with Fresh Pressed (US only).

-Know which tracks are soundtracking your country with the Top 50 charts, based on wherever you are in the world.

-Dedicated to serving you what’s next in music and supporting emerging artists, SoundCloud will periodically spotlight what’s happening on the platform with playlists like SoundCloud Next WaveThe SoundCloud Playback and more.

Explore the new SoundCloud home experience and embrace discovery!