Every once in a while, you want to make sure that your opinion on a subject is perfectly clear. Pins have long been used for protests, elections, and other favored causes. The idea might not be for everyone, but I'm sure we're all familiar with the concept, at least. And now a company called BEAM Authentic has released a self-titled product that lets you broadcast anything from a customized message or logo to an endless stream of cat GIFs from a battery-powered AMOLED screen on your chest. 

Specs are inconsistently detailed. We know that it has a 400x400 AMOLED screen, ambient light and accelerator sensors, magnetic attachment, a "function button," alleged 24-hour battery life, and a "100 Beam" capacity (they're calling the static and animated images you upload to it Beams). But we don't know precisely how large the screen may be, or how bright it can get.

The BEAM might be a bit gimmicky sounding, but I'll admit that I'm curious. There are definitely circumstances like parties and public events where it could cover a range of utility. Even if, for you, it's nothing more than a costume part or conversation piece, a $99 novelty might be worth it. And if you do have a cause to promote, it could at least be a novel way to market it.

The BEAM is for sale now at the company's site for $99, and $3 from every purchase goes to one of three selected charities. You can also check out the BEAM Authentic app that the device syncs to over on Google Play. It looks like some of the pre-made pins supporting individual causes require one-time donations, so keep that in mind if you're big into specific charities.

BEAM Authentic
BEAM Authentic
Developer: BEAM Authentic
Price: Free

Press Release

BEAM Authentic Launches Wearable Smart Display Button for People to Broadcast What They Care About and Spark Meaningful Face-to-Face Conversations
The BEAM device offers people who love to showcase their favorite images, affinities, causes and other passions, a dynamic, interactive option to solicit support, invite healthy debate, or communicate what they value to many people all at once (without saying a single word)

BEAM Authentic
05:55 ET

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- BEAM Authentic today announced the availability of its smart wearable button, which enables people to broadcast what they care about out in the real world. BEAM devices have a round AMOLED screen, with 24-bit color, making the digital device the modern-day version of static, analog expression that has been part of pop culture on buttons, hats, t-shirts and wristbands for decades. The BEAM app enables people to upload single images or dynamic, rotating content, slideshows and GIFs through the company's partnership with GIPHY.

Wear and share what you care about. BEAM is the world's first digital dynamic button.
Wear and share what you care about. BEAM is the world's first digital dynamic button.

Wear and share what you care about. BEAM is the world's first digital dynamic button.BEAMS
BEAMs are available for purchase for $99 starting today, and the BEAM app is available on both iOS and Android. View a video of how BEAM works here.

"We are very rapidly losing the art of meaningful, human conversation," says Andrew Zenoff, founder and CEO of BEAM Authentic. "With all the backlash over social media bullying, 'screen time' and 'screenagers,' BEAM demonstrates that people can use technology to not hide behind, but to start conversations in the real world that break the ice, discover common interests, and help people engage and get to know each other for productive purposes."

BEAM for Consumers
The BEAM device is part of a new category of self-expression that enables people to broadcast dynamic digital content offline, essentially extending the benefits of social media into the physical world. Given its connectivity, BEAM devices are also equipped with a unique safety feature which enables wearers to hold down the button to send a 'panic' text message, maplink and GPS location to up to four recipients.

BEAM Authentic for Business, Celebrities and Nonprofits
BEAM Authentic also provides a platform for companies, organizations, celebrities and other brands to distribute content to their employees, and followers via the BEAM app (or "BEAMSTREAM") as well as live to their BEAM devices. As this plays out, a whole group of BEAMers physically together or geographically dispersed can automatically stream the same content at the same time, helping to promote daily goods and services (like promos or sales in retail locations) or execute on a call to action by supporting or donating to a meaningful cause or nonprofit.

Pricing and Availability
BEAMs are available for purchase for $99 starting today, and the BEAM app is available on both iOS and Android.

To augment its ability to promote social good, three percent of proceeds from the purchase of a BEAM will be donated to causes relevant to BEAM Authentic's three-stripe pledge, including human rights, the environment and education.

For more information on the company or the BEAM device, please visit the website at www.beamauthentic.com. For media inquiries, please contact Kimberly Angell of Wish Public Relations at [email protected]

About BEAM Authentic
BEAM is a wearable smart button that enables people to broadcast what they care about in the real world and online, sparking face-to-face conversation and connecting people around shared interests. Founded in 2015 by social entrepreneur and innovator Andrew Zenoff, BEAM is based in San Francisco and backed by prominent technology and philanthropic notables, including Marc Benioff, Anne Wojcicki and John and Regina Scully (SPO Partners & Co) among others (see full list on Crunchbase).


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