It's hard to get excited over something as simple as a charging port, but USB Type-C definitely makes using technology easier. I can have just one cable for my phone, laptop, and tablet - that's pretty fantastic. Even though the older USB-A and microUSB ports are still far more prevalent right now, USB Type-C will eventually replace them both.

AUKEY is one of the best technology accessory manufacturers around, selling a wide range of chargers, portable batteries, headphones, computer gear, and more. The company has a several chargers, batteries, and hubs for USB Type-C devices. Whether you're looking for a useful holiday gift for someone else, or you want to stock up on chargers for your own devices, AUKEY has some great accessories in stock.

AUKEY Type-C 46W Power Delivery charger

First up is AUKEY's 46W USB Type-C wall charger, which has a few key advantages over the average charger (like the one that came with your phone). As you may have already noticed, it has both Type-C and Type-A ports, so you can charge your old and new electronics at the same time.

The Type-C port can deliver up to 46W of power, perfect for more power-hungry devices like a MacBook or Nintendo Switch. Additionally, the Type-A port can push up to 10.5W of power.

This is designed for USB Power Delivery (USB-PD), so quick charging will work best with phones that support that standard. This includes the Google Pixel/Pixel 2, iPhone 8/X (if you use Apple's USB-C to Lighting cable), Galaxy S8, Note8, and others.

You can buy the wall charger from Amazon for just $39.99.

AUKEY Type-C Hub

The original USB connector was massively versatile when it was first released, eventually replacing older standards like the serial port, PS/2 port, and parallel port. Type-C is continuing that trend, with many devices (like the newer MacBooks) only shipping with the new connector, because it can be adapted into virtually everything. To utilize the full potential of every Type-C port on your computer, you'll need a hub, like this one from AUKEY.

This has just about every kind of connector you could possibly need, including HDMI port (with [email protected]), VGA, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0, and SD/microSD. It even has a 100W USB Power Delivery input, so you can keep your laptop fully charged while using the hub.

This can be purchased from Amazon for $64.99, which is a pretty great price, considering it has just about every connector and port you will ever need.

AUKEY USB Type-A to C adapter

The above-mentioned hub is pretty great, but if all you need is a way to connect USB devices to your Type-C devices, AUKEY's adapter is a great option. This turns your Type-C port into a normal USB 3.0 connector, and has a durable aluminum frame.

Whether you're connecting a flash drive to your MacBook, or using a wired keyboard with your Android tablet, this will do it all. You can buy one on Amazon for $12.99.

AUKEY 26,500mAh Power Delivery battery

Finally, we come to AUKEY's portable battery. It has a massive capacity of 26,500mAh, enough to charge most smartphones and tablets several times over. Not only does it have a standard USB Type-A port, but also a Type-C port (with USB Power Delivery) and a Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 connector. That covers both major quick charging standards.

There aren't many batteries on the market that support USB Power Delivery quick charging, let alone Qualcomm QuickCharge on top of that. You can buy the battery on Amazon for $76.99.

So there you have it - some of the best USB Type-C accessories on the market, courtesy of AUKEY. You can see the rest of the companys Type-C products on Amazon here. Be sure to keep an eye out for AUKEY's future products.

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