AMD released the newest version of its Radeon Software yesterday, the program used for configuring AMD graphics cards (similar to GeForce Experience for NVIDIA). While most of the new features are only interesting to PC gaming enthusiasts, the new AMD Link feature allows users to monitor their PC from their phone or tablet.

The AMD Link tab on the Radeon settings

Once you download the AMD Link app, you have to pair it to your PC by scanning a QR code, or manually entering your PC's IP address and other info. Your mobile device and your PC have to be on the same Wi-Fi network for this to function.


Once the setup process is completed, AMD Link will give you live performance data about your PC. This includes the CPU/GPU/RAM usage, your current/average/minimum FPS since you opened the app, and even your GPU clock speeds. If you have the optional Radeon ReLive software installed, you can take screenshots and start/stop screen recordings.

While the app is certainly useful, it's not a great experience at the moment. You have to re-connect your PC every time you open the app, and the setup process has a few problems. The QR code scanner didn't work at all on my OnePlus 5T, and I constantly received 'timed out' errors on my Google Pixel. User reviews on the Play Store also frequently mention technical problems.

Once AMD irons out the bugs (and maybe speeds up the animations), this will definitely be a helpful tool for Radeon-powered PCs. You can download it from the Play Store below.

AMD Link
AMD Link