Anyone who kept an eye on the price of the original Google Pixels will have noticed that they were seldom discounted, especially in the UK, which was a real pain for anyone waiting for the price to drop before picking one up. Only once the 2nd generation models were released did the originals finally come down substantially. We expect the Pixel 2s to follow a similar pattern, but the holidays can throw up the occasional surprise.

Right now, you can get a Pixel 2 or 2 XL from the Google Store in the UK for £50 less than the RRP. What's more, you will also get a discount code to redeem a free Google Home Mini, which is going for £34 at the moment. So, that's an effective saving of £84 in total, which isn't bad at all. Best of all: Panda is in stock!

To make use of this deal you'll need to order a Pixel 2 before the end of December 16th, at which point the price will go back up. The Google Home Mini promo code will still be offered up to January 31st, though, even after the phone discount has ended. You will have to redeem your Home Mini before February 28th – so don't forget.

But that's not all...

It's also worth mentioning that I've noticed another Pixel 2 deal, this time from EE – the UK's exclusive carrier. If you order a Google Pixel 2 or 2 XL on contract from EE (see above), you'll get an original Google Home for free. There's no word on when this offer will end, but it will likely run until Christmas. Stock will be limited (especially for the panda), though, so don't hang around if you plan to go for it.

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