It can be difficult to share details about how you feel, especially online. Motivational apps have existed for years, but most simply offer words of encouragement. While that alone can certainly be helpful in many circumstances, sometimes you might need more help. That's where Paralign comes in.


Paralign is a one-of-a-kind personalized thought and mood tracker. Once you log in with an online account (or continue as a guest, but your data won't be saved), you can create posts with your thoughts, and include a rating of how you currently feel. Paralign will use this data to track your mood over time, and try to offer helpful advice or articles.


What sets Paralign apart is the ability to connect to people with the same problems/feelings. The Community tab will show a feed of thoughts from other people using the app. You can tap the heart icon to give support (the other person gets a notification saying 'You are not alone'), or tap the chat button to talk to them (or see what other people have replied with). The app uses artificial intelligence to look for people saying similar things as you, or you can filter the posts manually.


There are a few other nice features too, like built-in meditation audio guides, optional integration with the Human API data platform, and more. If you want to try out Paralign, you can download it for free from the Play Store below.

Paralign - Aligning Thoughts
Paralign - Aligning Thoughts
Price: Free+

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