Airmash is an intense aircraft battle .io game that you can play in your web browser. The beauty is that it can be played on your phone or tablet in fullscreen with perfectly functioning touchscreen controls, all through your mobile browser. Seriously, once you start playing this game, you wouldn't even know that it's an HTML5 browser-based affair and not an app installed from the Play Store.

Just like the majority of .io games out there, you will be competing in Airmash with other online players in order to see who can earn the most points. You earn these points by destroying any and all players that are unlucky enough to cross your flight path. Of course, you will most likely die a lot too, as everyone you see will be gunning for you as well.

What is nice is that there are a few optional aircraft to choose from, ranging from airplanes such as the Predator, Goliath, Tornado, and Prowler. There is also a helicopter in the mix that goes by the name Mowhawk. Each aircraft has its own unique maneuverability, speed, weaponry, and special ability. One craft may have a boost ability, while another may have a cloaking ability. These unique powers will only work for a limited amount of time, which can easily be gauged by looking at the blue curved line to the right of your aircraft. So make sure to use your powers wisely, as you can quickly run out with repeated use. Luckily these powerups recharge when they are not being used, so you can quietly back away from a fight to regain your charge. Then it's back off to the races.

When you destroy any random player's aircraft, you will start to notice little +1 symbols dropping on the map. Make sure to pick these up as they will be used to upgrade your speed, defense, energy regeneration, and missile speed. You also need to make sure which aircraft you have selected when choosing these upgrades, as they are tied to that individual plane or helicopter.

Oh, and if Airmash's features didn't appear to be broad enough, there are actually two different play modes included. You can switch between them whenever you feel like it. The first is your standard free for all, which as the name would imply means it's every man, woman, and child for themselves. The second mode plays out more like a battle royale scenario. The last man standing will be the winner here. Sadly there are not many players in this section, well, at least not in my region.


So there you have it. Airmash is a fantastic little .io game that you can freely play on any Android device thanks to the developer Five Sigma making a responsive aircraft battle .io game that has some pretty wonderful touchscreen controls built right in. The best part, of course, is that this is all offered for free online through a web page. So what are you waiting for? Hit the link below and start playing!