Most of us have probably wished we could fly at some point. True, we've got external mechanical means of flight, but every kiddo's dream of a running start with outstretched arms remains firmly in the realm of fantasy. While science works to solve that problem, you can pick up a drone to sate your Icarian desires in the meantime. And you're in luck, as there just so happens to be a small pile of discounts for DJI drones like the Mavic Pro and Spark.

Whether you are a drone fanatic or a first-time buyer, these deals are sure to appeal. But they're already starting to expire at some retailers, so hurry if you're interested.

To begin, you can pick up a DJI Mavic Pro at B&H for $799 at the time of writing. That's between $75-100 less than Amazon or DJI's store, both of which are already $100 of the MSRP. The effective cumulative savings here is $175-200, which is non-trivial.

If the Mavic Pro is a bit too big or expensive for your tastes, the DJI Spark is also on sale. Read up on our own Jeff Beck's review for it here. You can get one over at B&H for just $349, and that includes a free $50 e-gift card, making it effectively $300 (if you can find something to spend the $50 gift card on). With an MSRP of $500 that's a savings of $200, but compared to Amazon it's more like $100.

If you're feeling a bit Goldilocks and you'd like something between these two options, the Spark is also available in a slightly more expensive "Fly More Combo" for $599 at B&H. Again, that includes a $50 e-gift card, making it pretty much $549. Amazon has about the same $599 price, but that's without a $50 gift card (and with tax, which B&H doesn't charge outside NY).