Amazon makes some pretty unique products for the home these days, but perhaps they were a little too pricey for you. Well, we have good news: the company is offering discounts on the Echo Show, Cloud Cam, and Cloud Cam Key Edition kit, and they're not insignificant.

Echo Show

Let's start off with the Echo Show. Most recently, you've probably heard about it thanks to Google pulling YouTube from it, but it's still a nifty device. In fact, it's basically an Echo with a 7-inch display attached to it. It also has dual 2-inch stereo speakers, a 5MP front-facing camera for video chatting, and an 8-microphone array. The screen is used to provide visual feedback for Alexa skills (watching news briefings, displaying recipes, showing your calendar, etc.) and for video chats.

We saw the Echo Show discounted to $199.99 back in October, but Amazon has lopped another $50 off that sale price to $149.99. That's not a bad price for its capabilities, especially if you've been thinking about getting an Alexa device anyway.

Cloud Cam

Amazon just announced the already-affordable Cloud Cam a little over a month ago, but here it is already with a nice $30 discount. The Cloud Cam sports a 1080p wide-angle lens, night vision, and two-way audio. Motion activation tells the camera when to begin recording, at which point you'll be notified on your phone. Subscription plans are available, but if you have three or fewer cameras and don't need videos stored for longer than 24 hours, it's free to use.

The Cloud Cam retails for $119.99, but this $30-off deal takes it down to $89.99. That makes this camera even cheaper than it already was. If you've been thinking about adding some extra home security, this might be the way to go.

Key In-Home Kit

Chances are that you've heard about how Amazon wants delivery drivers to be able to deposit your packages into your home. Well, this is the kit that enables that. With the combination of a 'Key Edition' Cloud Cam and a compatible smart lock, you no longer have to worry about your packages being stolen - that is, if you're okay with granting access into your house. But hey, that's what the Cloud Cam is there for, right?

The cheapest bundle features a $139.99 Cloud Cam and the $149.99 Kwikset Convert smart lock. This usually costs $249 together (Amazon usually offers a discount already), but this sale takes it down another $50 to $199. Of course, if you'd like to upgrade the lock to the Kwikset SmartCode 914 or the Yale Assure touchscreen unit, you can do so. These will cost you more overall, but the discounts are actually slightly greater for them.