During my brief stints using Samsung Galaxy smartphones, I eschewed many of the company's branded apps, but Samsung Health was one of the few exceptions. I was impressed by how robust and slick it was and found myself tracking my blood pressure and SpO2 level every now and then just for fun. Now the Korean tech giant is bringing that health app know-how to Samsung HeartWise, a new health app built for a niche audience: patients who want to keep up with their doctor-recommended heart wellness program via their smartphone and Gear S3 smartwatch.

HeartWise, which is available for both Android and iOS smartphones and requires a Kaiser Permanente or SRA account to log in, comprises three main features:

  • A checklist of to-dos for patients and case managers to keep track of medication reminders, appointments, and reading assignments. Case managers can track progress and communicate with patients via messages on this screen.
  • An exercise progress tracker, which helps patients see how well they're meeting daily and weekly goals using heart rate, exercise, and other health data measured by their Gear S3.
  • Medication reminders, which let patients set alarms to go off on their Gear S3 and smartphone whenever they need to take their heart medication.


Samsung has set up a robust page on its website dedicated to HeartWise, featuring a wide-ranging set of easygoing tutorial videos. However, there are signs that Samsung doesn't intend for this app to be fully unveiled quite yet. For instance, the user guide has a placeholder phone number ("xxx-xxx-xxxx") for its customer service line, and the app installation guide uses screenshots that feature an app called "Cardiac Rehab" (which appears to be used by Kaiser Permanente Northern California). Oops.

If you, a family member, or friend has a Kaiser Permanente or SRA account and wants to check out HeartWise, it's available on the Play Store. You can also download the APK.

Samsung HeartWise
Samsung HeartWise