The love story between Google and bugs is one that will seemingly never end. Case in point: the company has just solved a problem first reported 13 months ago on its Google Product Forums concerning the incorrect temperature scale being shown on Android Auto head units.

Basically, people in the US (one of the only places in the world that uses Fahrenheit) randomly began seeing temperatures in Celsius on their Android Auto head units, whereas users overseas in countries like the UK, Canada, Italy, and so on had Fahrenheit pop up on their screens. For some, the unit of measurement would flip-flop, causing a few people to first report that the problem had miraculously righted itself, only to come back a few days later with the same issue. Clearing the Android Auto app's cache was recommended, but it didn't really do anything.

While the problem had initially been reported back in November 2016, it began picking up speed again in October. And now, in December 2017, the issue has finally been resolved. This seems to have been due to a mishap with Google's servers, as an app update isn't required (but is encouraged) to finally show the correct unit of measurement.

Let the comments regarding how stupid the US is for using Fahrenheit ensue!