Banking apps are often the slowest to implement new features and stay with the times, but the Bank of America app is usually a lot better at it than others. Now the app has been updated to add a couple of neat features.

First is the ability to schedule appointments with your banker, which I honestly wish my bank offered as I always have to wait an hour to get something done. Second is a neat feature to open a new checking account (I didn't know you could do that in the US without a ton of paperwork and 10000 signatures, neat!). And finally you can donate to charities or get gift cards from the app. Here's the changelog followed by the link to grab the BoA app from the Play Store if you still haven't tried it.


With this update, you can:
• Schedule an appointment with the banker of your choice for notary and other banking needs
• Open a new checking account with just a few taps
• Donate to your favorite charity
• Order gift cards for your friends and family
Please share your feedback and rate the app in the Play Store.