It's like there's a recipe for image sharing social networks: 1) launch the service with some hook to make it special against the thousands of other competitors, 2) wait until there are enough users and add a messenger so people can talk to each other without ever leaving your app, 3) launch a Snapchat-like auto-destruct feature, 4) separate all three features into their own standalone apps. VSCO has graduated from step 1 to step 2.

Yup, VSCO is rolling out Messages, so you can talk to all those VSCOers out there and not feel alone in your VSCO world. It's described as "a new way to connect, share inspiration, and learn from other creators in the VSCO community," which sounds inspiring, but all it is is an easy way to share photos, journals, other profiles, and DSCOs (animated images) with others. Like a built-in share feature, with the option to type some text back and forth. You can see it in action below:

If you can see the sarcasm seeping from my every word, it's because I can't comprehend the need every company feels to add a messenger to everything. Why won't anyone make it easy for people to talk to each other using the messengers they already have? It's getting ridiculous and someone needs to solve the message overload somehow.

Anyway, if you're a VSCO user, yay you! Messages will start rolling out to premium VSCO X users first, then to the regular free accounts. And if you're not and want to give VSCO a go, here's a link to the app.