Joao from joaomgcd, better known for his series of "Auto-" apps and Join, is one of our favorite tinkering developers. He always manages to find a way to make Android do things it's not supposed to, and the latest "hack" he has come up with is a new "Read" button on Gmail notifications. You know how you sometimes receive emails with a few words that are easily legible from the notification without having to open the entire Gmail app, or how you get automated emails which content you already know without opening them, and you just want a quick way to mark them as read without deleting or archiving them? This is what the button does.

To set this up, you need AutoNotification, a free app with some IAPs, which intercepts Gmail notifications and replaces them with identical notifications with one major difference: a third "Read" button in the quick actions when you expand the notification. Tap the button and after a few seconds, the change is synced to the Gmail app. Check the video below to see how to set it up and how it works.

Joao also says that since the new version of AutoNotification has the ability to grab the sender's email address, you can use Tasker to create automations based on the person emailing you. Grab the latest AutoNotification (3.5.bf3) from the Play Store.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: Free+