The Nvidia Shield TV is unquestionably the best Android TV box you can buy right now, especially if you're looking to do some gaming. Earlier today, Nvidia announced that the Shield is coming to China, but the selection of games is particularly interesting. At the launch event, the company revealed that the Shield would offer remastered Nintendo games from the Wii and GameCube eras.

The list of games coming to the Shield in China include New Super Mario Bros. Wii, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, The Legend of Sword and Fairy 5, and Punch-Out. Each one has been remastered to run at 1080p, compared to the original 480p resolution of the GameCube and Wii versions, and will cost 68 yuan ($10.27). Additional titles are in the pipeline, including Super Mario Galaxy.

(image credit: GamerSky)

Unfortunately, these don't seem to be native Tegra ports. Listings for the games have already appeared on the Chinese Shield site, which list the platform as GeForce Now, Nvidia's game streaming platform. So instead of running on your Shield TV, these games will run on a server farm and be streamed to you in real-time.

You can find more information (in Chinese) and some gameplay demos at the source links below.

A representative from NVIDIA has informed us that the GeForce Now references on the company's Chinese site were erroneous, and all of these games are native ports after all, not streaming over GeForce Now. At the time of this update, all game pages outside of Paladin 5 are 404ing, presumably while NVIDIA fixes the errors.

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