Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon 845 today at as press conference in Hawaii, the next generation of the company's flagship mobile processor. As with the outgoing Snapdragon 835, Samsung is the fabrication partner, and the 845 will be built on the company's 10nm process.

Full disclosure: Qualcomm paid to fly me to Hawaii, put me up at the Grand Wailea resort for three (correction: four nights, I regret the error) nights, fed me breakfast this morning (the coffee was OK) and a bunch of Mai Tais and little beef taquitos last night. The taquitos were pretty good and the Mai Tais were solid.

This was all we were told about the processor today, along with the implication that it would be released next year, because of course it will. It will probably be faster, and consume less power because, again, let's be reasonable: of course it will!

Xiaomi founder Lei Jun also got on stage to announce that the company's next-generation flagship will use the Snapdragon 845 because, again, of course it will.

Finally, here is a video about the Snapdragon 845 that, as you might expect, tells us exactly nothing about the Snapdragon 845.

Tomorrow, we will learn significantly more about Qualcomm's newest chip and its capabilities, so stay tuned. In non-Android news, Qualcomm announced that Snapdragon Windows 10 laptops are really going to be a thing, and they look pretty awesome.