It's been almost ten years since Google rolled out the first related search suggestions. A lot has changed in Google's search engine since those early days—it's no longer a list of blue links. Searches might surface data from your email, past purchases, and more. Today, Google is adding new features to search to help you discover more content.

Google says the search improvements come in three parts: expanded Featured Snippets, improved functionality of Knowledge Panels, and suggested content. Snippets already exist in search. They're the algorithmically generated boxes that appear at the top of the page when you search for certain terms. Starting today, snippets will include more photos and related searches. The similar Knowledge Panels will also show related content now. Google uses the example of a knowledge panel for skiing offering a related search for snowboarding.

Finally, Google is deploying a more robust version of suggested content in searches. Google can recognize when you're searching for multiple things or people within a particular topic and offer search content based on that. It's essentially adding more context to search suggestions. These new features are rolling out now.