Google's Pixel phones are on the expensive side in the US, but they're priced rather unreasonably in a lot of other markets. For example, the starting price for the Pixel 2 in India is Rs 61,000, which works out to almost $950. Yikes. In a few days, Flipkart will drop the price by a third to a much more reasonable Rs 39,999.

The sale price goes live on December 7th and will last through the ninth. While it's live, Indian buyers can get a flat Rs 11,001 discount on the device plus another Rs 10,000 off when using a credit or debit card. That brings the final cost to Rs 39,999, which is roughly $620. That's even cheaper than the US list price of $650.

In addition, Flipkart accepts trade-ins of old phones for as much as Rs 18,000. This stacks with the above discounts. Flipkart also guarantees it'll buy back the Pixel 2 later for Rs 36,500. Note: the above calculations assume the 64GB Pixel 2, but the 128GB will remain Rs 9,000 more expensive and the 64GB XL is Rs 3,000 more than that.

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