The worst thing about living in the future is all the cables, and I'm not just talking about the extra dongles OEMs make us carry around now. Every new gadget, whether it uses a nice easy standard like USB-C or not, is another electronic mouth to feed come bedtime. From phones to wearables and all your day to day accessories, how many devices do you have to charge at night?

Personally, I hate having to charge more than one device. That's at least part of why I dislike wearables such as Android Wear-powered smartwatches. At least my Pebble only needed to be topped up once a week, the last thing I want is yet another device to plug in each night. Add in the fact that we're all being forced to switch to Bluetooth headphones or accept the #DongleLife, and bedstands in 2017 are becoming a very crowded place.

For some of our readers, that might just be the start. There are plenty of other accessories or duplications like separate work and personal phones that can further compound the cables and connections required. As I'm fond of saying, it's all about your workflow. Based on yours, how many devices do you need to plug in and charge up at night?

How many devices do you charge at night?

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