The Nexus 5X was a fine phone at launch, but it hasn't aged well. It's affected by LG's famous bootloop issue, but Project Fi customers who had Device Protection (formerly Nexus Protect) thought they were safe. Over the last several days, we've gotten multiple tips from readers who have been struggling to get a replacement. Apparently, Google is out of refurb phones, and its proposed remedy is laughable. Customers are being offered as little as $52 in compensation.

The Nexus 5X has been a popular device on Project Fi simply because it was the cheapest option. Knowing about the phone's reputation, a lot of buyers opted for the extended warranty at $5 per month. That includes the option to get a replacement phone when it fails, so long as you pay the $69 deductible. However, Google has reportedly run through its supply of refurbished phones to offer as replacements when a 5X inevitably dies. What it's offering in lieu of a new device is ridiculous.

What we've heard from multiple readers is very consistent (and there's a Reddit thread). Google is offering them the choice of either $100 credit on the Google Store or a check in the amount of $53 or $59 (after the deductible). Neither of these come anywhere close to getting the customer a new device, which was the entire point of Nexus Protect. At least, that's how it was pitched. The terms allow Google to offer the "replacement value" instead, but it's unclear if the proposed compensation is even that much.

The cheapest phone available on Project Fi right now is the Moto X4 at $399. Google should probably just offer that as a replacement considering 5X owners have put up with a phone that commits suicide every few months.

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