Audiobooks are great, allowing busier people to listen to books while on the go. Google seems to sympathize with this notion, having just added new options for audiobooks in Google Search. This news comes not long after we discovered mentions of audiobooks in the Play Store v8.4 APK teardown.

Now if you search for a book that's available in audiobook form, it'll pop up under the 'Get book' section within the Google Search card. For the book in the screenshot above, you'll note that Google Play Books is mentioned, but that's not actually teasing Play Books' impending audiobook offerings; it's there because Play Books sells an eBook version of the book. Tapping either 'Ebooks from $9.99' reveals the available eBooks, and 'Audiobooks' shows the audiobooks that can be listened to. Audible is currently the only service popping up for me under the audiobook section.

The feature is already live in Search. If you read books a lot, this may come in handy.