Waze is owned by Google but it offers a different experience than Google Maps. Waze emphasizes data from the community and tends to include more experimental features. Today, it's getting three new features that Waze says have been among the most frequently requested by users. Some of the new features will only matter if you've got certain driving habits or vehicles, but the voice command improvements will be useful to more Wazers.

Waze knows not all routes are equal when you're driving a motorcycle, which is why it now offers a motorcycle vehicle type. Just hit your settings to tell Waze that's what you're driving, and routes will be optimized for your hog. While you're in the settings, you might also want to set up your HOV (carpool) options. Waze can now offer routes and travel estimates based on the use of HOV lanes when available. These settings will vary by city, but you can tell the app if you've got an eligible fuel-efficient vehicle or if you have a carpool. The HOV feature is currently supported in 22 US markets plus Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

Waze already had voice commands, but today this feature is easier to use. Simply activate the new "OK Waze" feature and you can issue voice commands without touching the phone. You can start navigation, send a report, add a stop, and more all by voice. Unfortunately, this is only supported with English in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, and New Zealand. Waze says more languages and regions will be added soon.


There are a bunch of new features in this update! See what’s included:
- Say “OK Waze” and use your voice to navigate, report traffic jams, and more - all hands-free.
- New routing option - HOV! Just add your pass or update your vehicle type (US & Canada only).
- It’s here! Waze now supports routing for motorcycles. Update your vehicle type and hit the road 🏍
- Minor bug fixes and improvements.