USB Type-C is great, but not all Type-C batteries are created equal. There are a lot of different charging standards right now, so one battery might fast charge a phone with Qualcomm Quick Charge, but it won't fast charge a Pixel or work to power a Type-C laptop. The giant RAVpower 26,800mAh battery pack will, and it's on sale for $55.99, down from $79.99.

This device is more expensive than other batteries for several reasons. First, it has a huge capacity. 26,800mAh is enough to charge a Pixel roughly nine times, depending on the efficiency. It also supports the USB-PD specification for as much as 30W of power. That's sufficient to recharge laptops with Type-C inputs in addition to phones. Lastly, it can fast charge itself over Type-C in just 4-5 hours.

This battery usually costs $79.99 on Amazon, and it's garnered a solid 4.5-star rating at that price. Today, you can get this battery for $24 less with coupon code KINJA058. Just add that during checkout, and you'll get the battery for $55.99. This battery comes with a C-to-C cable, but there's no wall adapter included.

The previously sold out deal is now back, with no coupon required this time.

You can now get the RAVPower battery on Amazon for $52, a savings of $28, when you use coupon code PB058BCM at checkout: