Google can be rather indecisive at times, which often leads to a cycle of adding and removing things from different versions of Android – usually after a user backlash of some sort. With the first developer preview of Android 8.1, Google removed the 'Picture color mode' sRGB toggle from original Pixels and Nexus phones. You'll be pleased to learn that order has now been restored.

The new Pixels already received extra color options as part of the November security update, to address the much-discussed saturation issues. The removal of the sRGB option from OG Pixels brought them in line with the calibration of the Pixel 2, but now both generations give users the choice.

It might have been better to see color mode options in the regular display settings menu, rather than just in the developer options as before, but at least it's back to the way it was. To find out more about new changes in the second developer preview, including the righting of a heinous gastronomic wrong, check out the rest of our series.