Though tablets often feel like the unloved member of the Android family, the Pixel C has gradually received features that first debuted in the Pixel series of phones. Android 8.1 Developer Preview 2 carries over some features from the Pixel launcher for phones. While it seems like it should be the other way around—the Pixel C was released in December 2015, 10 months before the Pixel phones—tablets are not the realm of innovation. Foremost among the changes is the updated menu when you long-press an app in the launcher.

Notification dots have been added to settings, as well as the ability to change icon shapes.

The app drawer has been made full-screen as well.

The update is delivered as part of 8.1 Developer Preview 2, though if you like, you can download it directly from APKMirror. Of note, the Pixel C launcher is a different APK than the one used on phones.